Sowing Seed

We highly recommend tilling prior to planting. There are a very limited number of registered herbicides* for hemp. For this reason, tilling is an important part of weed management. When planting, prepare firm, shallow, beds for uniformity in seeding depth. Planting practices for hemp are like those used in alfalfa.

There are different methods for planting, but at AMHV we suggest that it is best to sow hemp seeds directly into the soil. An alternative approach is to germinate seeds in plugs and transplant the seedlings after they are established. Both methods are acceptable. The best method for a given situation will depend on your manpower, equipment, time constraints and of course – weather.

Plant seeds, or seedlings, when soil temperatures are reliably above 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius). Waiting for warmer temperatures reduces the chance of a late season freeze, which is not uncommon where we are in Colorado!  In most U.S. Hardiness Zones, optimal planting time occurs approximately between May and June. The appropriate planting date will help to ensure high germination rates, better vigor and ultimately a higher yield.

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