What Kind of Growing Conditions Should I Expect?

Hemp can thrive in most environments, the main exceptions being extreme desert climates and high mountain regions. The best growing conditions for hemp, however, are warm-weather areas with well-drained soil rich in organic material. Regions with excessively wet climate or soil should most likely be avoided, as well as areas with heavy rains and soils that remain saturated following rainfall. Seek ground with high fertility and low weed pressure (good luck, always a fun challenge trying to outwit our friend the weed!).

If you don’t already know your soil type it is advisable to get it tested before you cultivate your crop. Make sure to test for potassium sulfate, rock phosphate and elemental sulfur levels at the bare minimum to make sure they are not too high and, therefore, need abating before planting. For the most reliable readings, perform soil tests either late in autumn or early in spring.

The growing cycle for hemp is approximately 70 to 120 days and will vary greatly based on the genetics.  Many auto flower varieties will have 70-90 day growing cycles.   It is ideal for growing conditions to remain relatively stable and consistent (you hear that mother nature!)

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