Shipping Policy

  1. Shipping & Handling Costs

Shipping costs are normally calculated using the weight of the seeds shipped, the method of shipping/carrier, and added costs including insurance, express delivery, and shipment outside the continental United States.  You will be notified of estimated shipping costs and various shipment options during the order process.

All shipments are FOB origin.

  1. Processing & Shipping Schedule

Order processing takes between 2 and 3 business days.  Preparing the order to ship may take longer depending on the time of year.  Additionally, if your order is for a specific season, your order will be prepared and shipped at the beginning of that season, or at such time as you designate to us in writing.  An order cannot be modified or cancelled once the seeds have been prepared for shipping.  Shipment will not occur until payment is received in full.  You will receive confirmation when your shipment has shipped.

  1. Carrier

AMHV normally ships via ground transportation.  The choice of shipping carrier will be up to AMHV unless you designate a preferred carrier in writing to AMHV.  You will be responsible for paying the difference between your selected carrier and the carrier AMHV would have used if your carrier is more expensive.  AMHC will make every reasonable effort to ship seeds in a timely manner, but cannot guarantee the shipping speed of the carrier.

  1. Information

AMHV relies on the information you provide for shipping, including names and addresses.  Please double check your information so that shipments are not sent back or sent to the wrong location.

  1. Insurance

Client is responsible for electing to insure the shipment of seeds if they so choose, and can make such election during the order process.  You are responsible for making any claims related to goods lost or damaged while shipping.

  1. Taxes

AMHV will collect any taxes due along with the purchase price and shipping costs, and such taxes will be remitted to the applicable tax authority.

  1. Phytosanitary Certificates

If you need phytosanitary certificates, please let us know as soon as possible and AMHV will do its best to provide them.  Because these certificates are issued by state agencies, AMHV cannot be responsible for delays associated with obtaining the certificates.

  1. International Shipments

Please contact AMHV at for international shipping questions, including costs and documentation.  While AMHV is experienced in selling its products internationally, and can assist you with your paperwork and other logistics, AMHV cannot guarantee the legality, shipping time, additional costs including taxes and tariffs, or any other aspect of international shipments, and all customers who order internationally assume the risk that their shipment may be delayed, confiscated or destroyed by the customs authority in the destination country.

  1. Other

Please let AMHV know if you have any special shipping requests and we will try to accommodate you.

AMHV is not responsible for delays in shipping due to events beyond AMHV’s control, including but not limited to incorrect shipping information, governmental action, labor strikes, acts of war, fire, disease, civil unrest, terrorism, acts of God or extreme weather including droughts, hail, or flooding, casualty, and crop disease or pests.  However, if your order is lost or delated, AMHV will assist you in finding your order.

Unless otherwise agreed to with AMHV in writing, seeds are non-returnable and your purchase price, shipping and handling fees are non-refundable.