Why Industrial HEMP?

A Global Market

Industrial Products
Many useful industrial products made from hemp are: Oil paints, varnishes, printing inks, fuel, solvents, coatings, high-quality plastics, auto paneling, durable building materials, cloth, ropes, sails and nets, animal bedding, mattresses, paper, carpeting, moulding parts, caulking, tarps.


Soil Detoxification
Astonishingly, hemp can clean up a broad range of toxins in the soil including metals, pesticides, crude oil, and toxins in landfills. Hemp can
be used for bioremediation, a process to restore soil from toxic pollution. Essentially, as a phytoremediator, hemp pulls the toxins out of the soil like a sponge.  Farmers in other parts of the world use hemp to restore their fields, hemp was even used to remove radioactive agents from the ground following the radioactive disaster at Chernobyl.


Health, Wellness & Beauty
Hemp seeds in whole or processed form contain an impressive amount of protein, nutrients, and essential fatty acids that assist in the remedy for conditions such as arthritis or joint pain, fibromyalgia and eczema — among other things — offering an efficient way to boost nutrition in human and animal diets — while hemp seed oil has increasingly become a preferred ingredient in common food, beauty and health products such as teas, supplements, essential oils, medicines, animal food, shampoo, lotions, balms.


Bio Fuel
Industrial hemp, can be used to create a viable, sustainable diesel fuel. Hemp biodiesel is made from hemp seed oil and can be used in any conventional diesel engine. The rest of the plant can be used to produce ethanol or methanol.


Its sturdy fibers have also been put to growing use in clothing, diapers, handbags, denim, shoes, fine fabrics, sunglasses and other common industrial commodities. And when it comes to environmental impact, hemp is not only a low-fuss crop capable of flourishing in US farmland; it can also clean up tainted water and soil and bully weeds away.

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